You can do exactly that already.  Set it to browser auth, redirect it
to your own webserver and get your webserver to redirect to your own
url scheme, forwarding on the callback token.

Trust me, it will work just fine!

On Nov 6, 5:20 am, Ji Lee <> wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems that the current OAuth for desktop apps require that the user
> copy the 7-digit number, and paste into the client. This is fine for
> the desktop, but it doesn't work too well for the mobile device, as
> copy/paste is a rather cumbersome to do... Flickr OAuth seems to
> provide a mechanism which allows the desktop client to retrieve the
> token using a separate URL.
> Is there a URL for retrieving the token after user return to the
> client application?  Would commerial key help?
> Another possibility is to allow for a callback URL scheme, such as
> "myclient://" as the callback URL, which my app could register itself
> to handle. Curretly, the twitter website does not seem to accept such
> URLs.
> Thanks,
> -Ji

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