We do not have plans to support minor versions initially. We're going
to start with the simplest versioning scheme possible and then expand
it to include minor versions when the need arises.

So as of right now version 1 already exists, at
http://api.twitter.com/1. As for whether it should be considered
"stable", I'd say it's very close to being so. I've been using it
exclusively on my Twitter clients for several months. Since announcing
it publicly a couple weeks ago the only reports of irregularities have
been around server configuration (e.g. some requests over ssl getting
an untrusted cert error and requests for gzipped responses not being
configured correctly). As for the behavior of the API it should be
100% compatible with the non versioned twitter.com API.

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 7:36 AM, DeWitt Clinton <dew...@unto.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to sync the version numbers and release cycles of a few twitter
> libraries (python-twitter and java-twitter) up with the version of the
> Twitter API itself.  I'll admit that I've fallen way behind on
> the maintenance of each, partly because the Twitter API itself is a moving
> target (not a bad thing, just hard to keep in sync with).
> What's the expected timing of when we can rely on a stable versioned
> endpoint for v1, v2, etc, and bleeding-edge API versions?  In theory we'd do
> parallel releases on major/minor releases, and keep a dev branch open for
> the latest-and-greatest-and-beta-est version of the Twitter API.
> -DeWitt

Marcel Molina
Twitter Platform Team

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