I pushed the 2.0 version of the library to Github and it includes
quite a few changes.


Release Notes:
# Added a new (preferred) API
You can now use get, post, delete, get_basic, post_basic and
delete_basic. Details here
# No longer asynchronous by default
Most people were using it synchronously and didn’t understand why you
had to access a response parameter to ensure the call completed.
useAsynchronous(true) should be used if you want to use it that way or
hard code the default value in _EpiTwitter.php)
# Revamped the exceptions
Details on the new exception hierarchy
# Added support for versioned URLs
# Fixed lots and lots of bugs
# Exposed response headers

On Nov 2, 2:25 pm, jmathai <jmat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I think it will benefit all users of the library to document the
> method names for every call.  While it's somewhat trivial to determine
> the method names it still required just an ounce of brain power.  That
> ounce should be save for other tasks :).
> It's been on my todo list to document them all, but I've been lazy :)
> On Nov 1, 3:21 pm, Michael Mokrysz <m...@46bit.com> wrote:
> > Thanks to both of you, having taken a better look at epitwitter's code
> > I'd have to agree that's it's best to switch. I still like to be able
> > to pretty much copy and paste urls from the documentation rather than
> > having think how to convert it into the (albeit ingenious) conversion
> > method EpiTwitter uses so I think I'll probably rewrite the __call
> > function a little but keep the rest of the code.

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