whoops! good catch! i had a [COMING SOON] on the index page of the wiki, but not on the individual pages. corrected!

Thank Raffi

Can it have a coming soon tag too it like the ReTweet documents.
However I notice that home_timeline still has coming soon and that has
been available for sometime.

hi all

i really do apologise if it wasn't clear -- the API isn't open yet.
the docs are there to give you all a heads up on what the endpoints
will look like.  we expect to launch within a month.

Dear Twitter API peeps,

The API doccos for "Twitter REST API Method: trends
available" (https://twitterapi.pbworks.com/Twitter%20REST%20API
%20Method:%20trends%20available) say that no authentication is
required, but I think it is:

   $ curlhttp://api.twitter.com/1/trends/available.json
   {"request":"/1/trends/available.json","error":"Could not
authenticate you."}


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