On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Emrah <e...@ekanet.net> wrote:
> That's the main point of my suggestion! It helps avoiding the need of
> making calculation to know at what time a Tweet has been posted
> according to the poster's timezone. It doesn't make sense to see that
> Jeff said Good morning at 12:30 even though it was 06:30 for him... Of
> course for a personal timeline I will need to have the 13:30
> information, but I would appreciate to have a mention of Jeff's timezone
> somewhere. For now, I must calculate each post's timestamp, whether it
> comes from India, Switzerland, New-York or Australia...
>> If tweets all start having variable timezones, it is just another
>> thing that has to be calculated around to get times into the local
>> timezone for end users.
>> I am not going to repeat myself...
> I still believe this feature would emphasize the international impact of
> Twitter and improve the user experience.
> What do you think?

I think it's solving a problem that doesn't exist. It doesn't bother
me to see my friends in Australia talking about going to bed when it's
morning for me.  And how are you going to decide whether or not it's a
"pertinent" message? If my mom posts "Not feeling well, going to bed"
at 9pm, are you going to show that message if I'm in another timezone?
 Or if a friend posts "Great night, just getting to bed" at 4am their
time?  "Good morning! I slept 18 hours!"

Seriously, I don't see a) why this is a problem or b) even if you
accept that it is a problem, how you'd implement a solution.

Now if you could find a way to filter out political message or
pro-Yankees posts, THAT would solve a real world problem :-)


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