Hi, I am currently using the twitter search api to retrieve tweets but
some of the tweets returned are not fully formed. I followed the link
to the actual tweet itself and it seems that when it comes across
tweets with  " " , it gets cut off

Example: Actual tweet: Just Voted " I am voting for something"
               Result that i see: Just Voted

Is there anyway to retrieve the full tweet? I am using Eclipse, Java
to do. Thanks!

This is how i retrieve the search result:

XMLInputFactory inputFactory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
            InputStream in = new URL("http://search.twitter.com/
search.atom?q=" + search + "&page=1&rpp=100").openStream();

            XMLEventReader eventReader =
                     boolean inEntry = false;
            Item currentItem = null;

            while (eventReader.hasNext()) {
               XMLEvent event = eventReader.nextEvent();

               if (event.isStartElement()) {
                   StartElement startElement = event.asStartElement();
                                     if (event.asStartElement().getName
().getLocalPart().equals("title")) {
                           event = eventReader.nextEvent();
                           String title = event.asCharacters().getData();
                           if (!inEntry) {
                           } else {


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