413 usually means "too long" on the Streaming API. Too many
predicates, or perhaps a URL of crazy length. This is documented in
the wiki.

First, be sure that you are using a POST parameter and not encoding
your predicates in the URL. Second, look at the text message that is
returned with the 413. It will tell you what you are doing wrong. Most
likely, you are attempting to follow more users than the Shadow role

Detail your use case, and perhaps then we can give some advice on the
availability of the data and, if available, the most practical way to
obtain the data. We do not make every arbitrary materialization of the
data available.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Nov 11, 11:49 pm, Julien <julien.genest...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I work for Superfeedr. We do feed parsing on-demand. We don't care
> what feeds people are giving us to fetch. As a matter of fact, we
> don't even care about the content. Yet, some users have given us RSS/
> Atom feeds from Twitter to fetch.
> We bumped into the polling limits a few months ago : we asked to be
> white-listed and "gained" a few month. We now have about 15k Twitter
> feeds, and polling is not suitable anymore. We implemented your
> streaming API to make everybody happy.
> Except that it deosn't work. : we get  "413 FULL head" errors. I asked
> Ryan Sarver for help, he granted us a "shadow" role, which is really
> not what we need.
> What can we do?
> Thanks

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