Thanks John, I'll review all that and we'll post more info soon.

Thanks for listening!

On Nov 12, 6:39 am, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> 413 usually means "too long" on the Streaming API. Too many
> predicates, or perhaps a URL of crazy length. This is documented in
> the wiki.
> First, be sure that you are using a POST parameter and not encoding
> your predicates in the URL. Second, look at the text message that is
> returned with the 413. It will tell you what you are doing wrong. Most
> likely, you are attempting to follow more users than the Shadow role
> allows.
> Detail your use case, and perhaps then we can give some advice on the
> availability of the data and, if available, the most practical way to
> obtain the data. We do not make every arbitrary materialization of the
> data available.
> -John Kalucki
> Services, Twitter Inc.
> On Nov 11, 11:49 pm, Julien <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I work for Superfeedr. We do feed parsing on-demand. We don't care
> > what feeds people are giving us to fetch. As a matter of fact, we
> > don't even care about the content. Yet, some users have given us RSS/
> > Atom feeds from Twitter to fetch.
> > We bumped into the polling limits a few months ago : we asked to be
> > white-listed and "gained" a few month. We now have about 15k Twitter
> > feeds, and polling is not suitable anymore. We implemented your
> > streaming API to make everybody happy.
> > Except that it deosn't work. : we get  "413 FULL head" errors. I asked
> > Ryan Sarver for help, he granted us a "shadow" role, which is really
> > not what we need.
> > What can we do?
> > Thanks

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