I've already implemented this, but for future sanity, can you guys avoid
doing these major updates on Fridays when we're all not focusing as much on
work?  That way if there happen to be any bugs or problems our weekends
aren't ruined.  This seems to be a frequent occurrence on the Twitter API.



On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 3:03 PM, Wilhelm Bierbaum <wilh...@twitter.com>wrote:

> As previously announced by Alex Payne on September 24th (see
> http://bit.ly/46x1iL), we're removing support for pagination from the /
> friends/ids and /followers/ids methods.
> As of that time we set a hard deadline of October 26th, 2009. The
> original date has passed as we tried to give all of our partners extra
> time, but we are going to need to make the change now.
> At some point today, the "page" and "count" parameters will be ignored
> by the /friends/ids and /followers/ids methods and we will only be
> supporting cursors.
> Unfortunately, due to architectural considerations, cursor identifiers
> are not predictable. This means that you will have to extract the next
> and previous cursor identifiers from the results returned to you.
> For example, to get Obama's followers, we would first perform a GET
> against:
> http://twitter.com/followers/ids/barackobama.xml?cursor=-1
> Which returns XML similar to:
> <id_list>
>  <ids>
>    <id>30592818</id>
>    (... more ids ...)
>  </ids>
>  <next_cursor>1319042195162293654</next_cursor>
>  <previous_cursor>-8675309</previous_cursor>
> </id_list>
> To retrieve the next 5000 IDs, we would then perform a GET against:
> http://twitter.com/followers/ids/barackobama.xml?cursor=1319042195162293654
> Note that cursors are signed 64-bit integers.
> Please refer to the documentation for our social graph methods for
> more information:
> http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method:-friends+ids
> http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method:-followers+ids
> Thanks!

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