Am I the only one seeing this? I call the Streaming API 10x/hour. For
the last 23 hours or so, I've been getting bad responses every time.

I use a cron job to call from the Linux shell:

curl --user myid:mypassword --silent --fail --max-time 3 --retry 0

and I get usually a curl return code "(52) Empty reply from server",
though sometimes "(6) name lookup timed out". Same thing happens when
I ask for .json instead of .xml.

The failures started at the rate of 1-2/hour on 2009/11/13 09:00h UTC
(Friday early morning PST), though they became continuous as of
200/11/14 03:24h UTC (Friday evening PST), and remain continuous.

Is anyone else calling this API and failing? Or succeeding? in the
last 24 hours?

Thank you,
   --Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada    @jdlh
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