I'd like to float an open discussion / dialog here.


"How many developers are getting to the point where they are choosing
NOT to develop on the Twitter platform"




"If Twitter offered you a PAID commercial account which came with
dedicated access and dedicated support would this interest you".




For us personally we had a long serious discussion in the office this
week about dropping all of out Twitter functionality from our apps.


It's gotten to the stage it's just better to stick with Facebook
integration only instead of offering Twitter.


I'm trying to get a feel if we are the only developers feeling this
pain. Everytime I raise the issue with Twitter it's like - "Well we only
have so many people" or "This is a free service".


BULLSHIT, it costs me my time and energy developing for you and if it's
better spent elsewhere on a paid service then I'm happy to take my time
and energy.




What are your thoughts? 







Dean Collins

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The uptime of twitter search {API} has degraded to the point of making

our client app useless.


Hoping @twitter finds the issue soon.


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