I should state that without passing any extra parameters (eg.
since_id) I can get this to sign just fine, so I think I must be doing
something wrong, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Here's a sample of a request that signs fine and I get the statuses:
GET /statuses/friends_timeline.xml?
%3D HTTP/1.1

And here's the same thing, but with a since_id passed and it returns
an Invalid signature message:
GET /statuses/friends_timeline.xml?oauth_consumer_key=
%2BAI%2F1Nc2xw9honQ2y1dwFA4%3D HTTP/1.1

The since_id is being included in the signature, but I've tried it
without including the value and I get the same result.

Any help at all would be appreciated,


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