Hey Twitter guys,

I had 2 lists.  Both named "My Favstar.fm List".  One with slug
'my-favstar-fm-list", and the other with slug "my-favstar-fm-list-8".  (I'd
created a few and deleted some with the same name).  The list without the -8
suffix is the one I've been using in anger, and has 35 members.

I've just been in to twitter.com to edit the "my-favstar-fm-list" list,
adding a description "My favourite tweeters from http:/favstar.fm".  After
the update, the slug was changed to "my-favstar-fm-list-8".  So I now have 2
lists with the slug "my-favstar-fm-list".  (IDs: 126147, 968546)



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