I'd suggest opening a new issue on the Twitter API bug/enhancement tracker so 
others can 'star' it to show interest: 

Chris Thomson

On 2009-11-21, at 2:11 PM, Michael Steuer wrote:

>> Hi Twitter, Twitter Developers,
>> Let me start with the question: is there a good reason why the payload for 
>> direct_messages doesn’t have a “in-reply-to-direct-message-id”, just like 
>> the “in-reply-to-status-id” for status updates? I know that for my use 
>> cases, and I’m sure for some of yours, it’d be helpful to know if a DM was a 
>> reply to an earlier one, or a new DM to the recipient.
>> So here’s the feature request: can we pretty please have a 
>> “in-reply-to-direct-message-id” in the DM API payload? And if you consider 
>> this a reasonable request, how long do you think that would take ;)
>> Michael.

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