Doesn't solve it?

On Nov 23, 9:12 am, Adam Green <> wrote:
> I'm building a Web app that caches tweets and user info from the
> streaming API, and then displays all the tweets for a single user. At
> times up to 30 or 40 tweets from the same user are displayed on a
> page. I've been caching the profile image url I get back from the
> streaming API, and then using this URL in an img tag sent to the
> browser. So I am letting the user's browser pull it from the Twitter
> server as needed. I don't see anything in the API docs that warns
> against this, but sometimes I am getting an "access denied" XML back
> instead of the proper image. Is this a bug, or should I be downloading
> each user's avatar and serving it from my server instead? The image is
> being requested by the user's browser, so whilelisting the server's IP
> won't help. The access denied response is intermittent. Sometimes it
> happens after 5 requests for the same image, sometimes 30 appear with
> no problem. Sometimes a few appear, a few fail, and then the rest
> work. So it doesn't seem like rate limiting.

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