Check the versions of software you're using. CentOS likes to make you
jump through hoops in order to get newer software.

Namely, check your PHP version.

On Nov 25, 9:08 am, aztroboy <> wrote:
> Hello there! I'm using a PHP Twitter OAuth library (,
> and it works perfect on Windows: the php script looks asks twitter for
> an auth token. However, as soon as I put the same script on CentOS
> (with its default httpd service), it won't give any auth tokens at
> all.
> The script uses cURL to get the token from twitter. I've used cURL
> ( and it works fine in console.
> What could be going wrong here? Is there something I should add of
> change first in order to receive the tokens? By the way, I got the
> CentOS default FW set allowing traffic on port 80 and SSH only.
> I would like to ask for a hint about what should I do, I'm kinda
> newbie on CentOS.
> thank you in advance

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