if you are only searching for a particular user, then using the search API is not the recommended way to do it -- especially because search does not index everything. either, do as you said, and just use the RSS feed for that user or use the streaming API.

But doesn't answer how to deal with that problem. My app is already
live and it sucks. The twitter section is empty now. How can I correct
that ? Should I forgot about search api and connect my app directly to
the rss feed for that account ? Please please give me some

Thank you guys! It explains everything.


happy thanksgiving.

Thank you for your answer. There are no results indeed. But why ? I
don't understand the logic. Normally on twitter.com/mmflint there are
tweets, and rss feed is full too. Am I missing something obvious ?

Thanks for help.

That is because there are no results to 

Hello group, I have a problem with one single url:
I integrated that json flow in my app but since about one week the "results" array stays empty. I was trying to find info about limits,
valid dates, etc but there is nothing about that on the json api
Can somebody help me with that issue ? What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance


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