On Tue, Dec 01, 2009 at 07:14:25PM -0800, yegle wrote:
> I have a saved search which is "yegle -...@yegle" to track tweets which
> intends to mention me, I found some tweets with format described below
> can be found using "yegle -...@yegle" but also appear in my
> reply_timeline:
> Here is sometext and then w...@yegle (no space before the @ )
> So my question is, what regex does twitter use to recognize @username
> in tweets?

You're imagining that this is being handled in a more complex (more
intelligent?) way than it actually is.  The search function operates on
complete words only, with no special-case handling for @usernames.
"w...@yegle" doesn't match "@yegle" for the same reason it doesn't match
"it": they're substrings embedded within the word, not the complete

Dave Sherohman

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