Thanks to Dave and natefanaro,

the Perl doc is quite clear, but I could not find a suitable property
or method that retrieves just my twits, the ones I generate from my

thanks to Dave's suggestion I found the answer, which is the

use Net::Twitter;
use Data::Dumper;
my $nt = Net::Twitter->new(
traits   => [qw/API::REST/],
username => 'user',
password => 'pass'
my $timeline = $nt->user_timeline;
for my $tweet (@$timeline) {
  print $tweet->{created_at} . ': ' . $tweet->{text};

working perfectly.

Thanks again

> Your $nt is just the interface to the API.  If you want to, say, get the
> latest status updates to your/your friends' accounts, you need to use
> that interface to retrieve them:
> my $timeline = $nt->friends_timeline;
> for my $tweet (@$timeline) {
>   print $tweet->{created_at} . ': ' . $tweet->{text};
> }
> (Code is untested, but should work.  Note that the maintainer of
> Net::Twitter was talking a couple months ago about wrapping the
> retrieved messages up into objects, so $tweet may no longer be a bare
> hashref; I just haven't needed to update my direct Twitter-interfacing
> functions since then so I haven't stayed on top of it.  Check the
> Net::Twitter documentation for full details.)
> --
> Dave Sherohman

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