I've been looking at data acquired from the "sample" feed. In those
tweets, I've discovered something, and I wanted to run it by Twitter
and see if this is an official, documented API feature.

When a tweet is a retweet using the retweet button on the web page,
there is an extra key-value pair in a returned tweet. I've been
handling them as JSON objects (in Perl), but I suspect other formats
do the same. The key is "retweeted_status", and the value is an
*entire* object containing the original tweet that was retweeted. If a
tweet was not a retweet, this extra key-value pair isn't there.


1. Is this official, documented behavior, or did I discover it on my
2. Is it likely to change?
3. Why is the *entire* original tweet given as the value? Wouldn't it
be enough to give the tweet ID and let the app go hunt for it if

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