>From the way I've seen it work, if the orginal tweet is already in
your home_timeline you will not see any retweets of it, including
yours.  However if you retweet a message not in your home_timeline
then it will appear.

I'm not sure if that IS how it works, just what I've observed.

On Dec 2, 11:30 pm, Michael Steuer <mste...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So when a user is looking at his own home_timeline, and decides to retweet a
> status from someone else ­ the next time that home_timeline is loaded, will
> it show both statuses (the original tweet and the retweet by the user), or
> one or the other? My understanding is that the new retweet functionality is
> supposed to ensure that a status only shows up once, I¹m just not sure how
> this is reflected in what the home_timeline API returns...
> Thanks for letting me know!
> Michael.

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