The reason for viewing an aggregate count rather than individual
methods is to have a much more sensitive way of detecting a new
topic.  Sampling will only give us a good representative sample above
the threshhold, once it's already quite popular.  We'd like to be able
to follow a topic from the start, even if it never makes it big, based
on other criteria.

Rather than a trends feed, I suggest a statistics feed would be more
general. Consider something like:"foo bar xj17"

which would give back the daily statistics on the frequency of each
token.  Then, we could follow up on individual ones of interest with a
bigram request.  With an api based on post, we could possibly send a
large number of such requests in one batch."foo bar xj17"

(search for all messages containing any two of the listed targets)

I don't know how you organize your data, but obviously, since you
allow search by token, you have the infrastructure to make this easy
to do.

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