Nope we use oAuth on the iPhone

The UI is better than it used to be, I haven't checked recently on
whether pressing the Done key on the iPhone keyboard still defaults to
the Deny button though.

It would be nice if they could auto detect mobile and give us a
specific interface, a bit like they do for geolocation settings.

On Dec 6, 8:08 am, Ram <> wrote:
> As a followup to the mobile OAuth discussions from October 
> (see
> ........
> Does anyone know of any (publicly released) iPhone or other mobile
> Twitter apps that use OAuth ?
> I'm partly curious to know/confirm whether our app is the only iPhone
> (or mobile) app that uses Twitter OAuth login for posting
> tweets, ....but I also want to know what you think of the UI, if
> you've used Twitter OAuth login in any publicly released mobile app.
> Thanks Ram

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