Searched the bug database again and found that someone had reported
this a couple of weeks ago:

I added my experience with the bug to the existing bug report and
starred it. If you care about since_id working in searches, feel free
add to the bug report!


On Dec 6, 2:47 pm, Damon Clinkscales <> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Martin Omander <> wrote:
> > I noticed the same behavior in my app: when I include since_id in the
> > search API call, I often don't get all the tweets I should. If I run
> > without since_id, I see tweets with IDs that should have shown up in
> > the search where I included since_id.
> > Any response from Twitter? The since_id parameter is a very useful
> > feature of the API. It would reduce system load and bandwidth
> > considerably for everyone if it worked right.
> Sounds like there is confirmation. Has anyone filed an issue?
> Once you have an issue link, please post back to this thread so people
> can star it.
> Best,
> -damon
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