Dear all,

a few questions about the new Twitter retweet API:

1) as I can easily check whether a tweet is favorited or not
by me via the "favorited" boolean field in the JSON tweet
status, it would be great if I could check whether a tweet
has been retweed by me via a "retweeted" boolean field,
but the latter seems to be missing from for example
the "statuses/home_timeline" JSON. My bad somehow,
or it is actually missing? If missing, any plan to include

2) As for now, the only way I can check whether a tweet has
been retweeded by me seems to cross-reference the tweet
ID's returned by the "statuses/home_timeline" JSON against
the tweet ID's returned by the "statuses/retweets_of_me"
JSON. Correct?

3) When I retrieve all the most recent retweets posted by
my friends via the "statuses/retweeted_to_me" JSON,
I do not actually get the list of retweeters in the response.
Again, the only way to get the retweeters seems to
cross-reference that JSON against the "statuses/retweets"
JSON using the tweet ID. Correct? If yes, that could be a bit
of a problem with the rate limit. Missing something? Using the
wrong API's for my purposes?

4) Always in the case of the "statuses/retweeted_to_me" JSON,
I'm using the "retweeted_status" field to properly show the
retweeted tweet actual info. But it seems to me that the favorite/
unfavorite APIs do not work in such case, being all messed up.

Thanks in advance for your help


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