People have made their own suggestions, so I'm not going to mirror them. I would suggest, however, that customer to business communication probably would be better conducted on a forum other than twitter (people who are trying to describe problems they are having aren't at their most succinct and you usually need more information than 140 characters provides). Now business-to-customer maybe, but it would probably be better in the form of tweeting the customer a shortlink.

On 12/5/2009 3:33 PM, coolrebel wrote:
Does anyone know of a v simple site-driven / site based twitter client
that could do the following?

allow site visitors / registered users to tweet us from their account
to our customer support account.

uses twitter Oauth

provides this service via a pop-up that activates when user clicks on
our site help button

limits the stream to our help account + @mentions of our account.

If necessary, our team will develop our own, but just thought we'd ask

Many thanks


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