Thanx, I think the issue exists because I am using the page parameter
(via twitter4j).

@twitter does deprecating also mean it stops working? :-)


On Dec 8, 1:06 pm, Randy <> wrote:
> Are you using "page" parameter? If so, it was recently deprecated, so
> that would explain what you are seeing... the first page over and over
> again. Check the API documentation to see how to use the "cursor"
> parameter.
> On Dec 6, 8:25 pm, hansamann <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > my code is calling api method statuses/friends with an increasing
> > paging to get all friends information. Since a couple of hours it
> > seems it never reaches a page with no friends or less than n friends
> > so my code stops the recursion.
> > Anyone similar problems?

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