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> Are any of you aware of a photo service that allows picture uploads from my
> oauth based Twitter client? The Api for all the usual suspects (twitpic,
> yfrog, tweetphoto, etc) requires  passing of the user's Twitter username and
> password, but being an oauth client, I don't have the user's password
> available to me. How are other oauth based clients dealing with this? It
> seems my only option is building my own, but I'd rather hook into an
> existing service.
I have added Image upload facility to my app: http://tdash.org/

I am game for providing an OAuth based image upload API if other apps are
interested. (Esp non-browser / mobile apps).

I will be doing it anyway; contacting me now will probably help shape up the
API and my priorities.

Feel free to contact me off-list as well.

Harshad RJ

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