Here is user flow for Sign in with Twitter:

There a number of code libraries that work with Twitter. Try using one of
those to speed things up:


On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 16:29, Jacoh Hayn <> wrote:

> Hello Group!
> We're about to develop a WebApp that twitters on behalf of a
> TwitterUser. To get startet we lack some information. And btw, it's
> our first TwitterApp, yeay. :)
> We want our users to "Sign in with Twitter" and then let them use our
> app. Therefore we must identify a TwitterUser, preferably by screen
> name.
> 1. How can we obtain the needed information after the user has "Singed
> in with Twitter"?
> 2. What's the workflow? Docs? Howtos? Links?
> The lacking information is probably somewhere in,
> but i havn't found it so far. It's not on the Sign in with Twitter
> page. Please Help.
> Greetings from the cold Hamburg, Germany
> Jacob

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