I believe this is correct that basically if a message has already
appeared in your or other people's timeline, then a retweet won't

It'll only appear in another user's timeline if they don't follow the
original tweeter

On Dec 11, 9:46 pm, hansamann <sven.hai...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have switched the retweeting style of my app from using the RT @user
> text pattern to the new retweet API. If a logged in user on
> groovytweets.org now hits the green retweet buttons, it will fire off
> a retweet via the API. Unfortunately, the retweeted messages do not
> show up in that user's followers Home Timeline (the people following
> that user should get the retweet).
> From an API perspective, the request (via Twitter4J) is sent off and
> returns normally, no error in sight. The API method used 
> ishttp://twitter.com/statuses/retweetand the statusId of the status who
> should be retweeted is sent wiht the requuest.
> Now if I understand the new home timeline correctly, this *might* not
> be an issue, in the following case:
> - if another user already had retweeted that status, it might have
> shown up in the follower's home time line earlier, meaning when I look
> onto the time line it might not be at the top.
> Is that understanding correct? I think retweeted statuses who already
> had been retweeted and 'received' by that user will not show up at the
> top again. Instead, the UI of twitter.com just adds the new retweeting
> user to the list of retweeted by.... for that status. This is of
> course potentially down in the stream of tweets, so the user might
> never see it (again).
> Or there is a bug :-) Either on my side or with twitter.
> What do you think?
> Cheers
> Sven

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