Additionally, not all tweets are guaranteed to be indexed by search. You should look into using the streaming API.

On Dec 17, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:

I built an application that aggregates data a few times per day based
on a hashtag search term. My search results for tweets I've done as
tests are not showing up in the search.

What's the delay time before they show up? My client is asking and I
have no idea what to tell them. The application is built and 100%
working, and I've confirmed manually that Twitter is in fact not
showing the tweets. I can search for other things like #gaza or
#iphone and I get plenty.

Twitter searches are very fast normally -- I see search results in near real-time. The problem is right now, the timelines are very delayed. Twitter
is aware of that; see

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