While we're on the matter of suggestions, could someone fix the count
parameter to statuses/retweets?  Currently it won't return more than
20, regardless of what count is.

On Dec 18, 2:09 pm, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> There are some loose ends that need to be tied up in both the List and
> Retweet APIs to round out the feature set and fix some bugs. I want to crank
> these all out. So here is a little list I've been building. Please add what
> I've left out and you think is missing.
> Retweet:
> * add retweet_count to every status representation
> * support paging through the resource that returns all retweets for a given
> tweet
> * don't require authentication for *most* read only resources
> List:
> * on a user representation, show list count, list memberships count and list
> subscriptions count
> * don't require authentication on read only resources
> * expose a list of ids for a list's members and subscribers (this change
> will go hand in hand with a new bulk user lookup resource where you provide
> a list of ids and get back a list of user representations)
> * count parameter for status timelines of a list appears to do nothing
> Many other things I'm sure...
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> Marcel Molina
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