Additional report:

At calling API to delete a undeletable list, it always returns
response as success, but still it remains.
And it seems that a undeletable list rejects any editting like adding
members, changes to list name and description.

Failure to delete a list with no error is very inconvenient. In my
situation, it causes to multiply extra lists named like "blahblah-3",
"blahblah-4", ... Because it intends to create a list as same name as
deleted list.

On Dec 18, 10:27 pm, shinichi <> wrote:
> I have been getting same trouble, too.
> I made the list via API call. Then I found that I couldn't delete it
> via API. So I tried to delete it via web UI, but failed.
> I have two undeletable list, which 
> are
> and
> Shinichi
> On 12月16日, 午前8:15, "LeeS - @semel" <> wrote:
> > I seem to have created an undeletablelistin one of my accounts (list
> > id 4667928)
> > I can'tdeleteit via the API, and deleting thelistvia
> > also fails.
> > Lee

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