Good stuff Shannon, I was paying that much ($24.99) or more for shared
2003 hosting per month not too long ago.

Too bad the 2008, especially 64-bit, stuff is significantly steeper.
At that price point, in my mind it becomes worth the minor hassle for
a lot of people to go BizSpark or WebsiteSpark and get all the
Windows/.NET licensing and hosting benefits that come with the
essentially free registration. If you're producing a software product
that involves .NET in any fashion, you're pretty much a shoe-in.

Any chance GoGrid can bring that stuff down even further on the 2008
side? Or, if you are a *Spark partner, can they offer discounts
specifically for partners? I negotiated a fairly big colo deal
recently, and with BizSpark membership, we're not paying a monthly fee
for our 2008 x64 hosts, which seemed to be a pretty common thing among
hosting providers who endorse the *Spark programs.

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On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 2:20 AM, Shannon Whitley
<> wrote:
> I develop various applications using .NET tools (and PHP).  For many
> of my projects, I really need to run my own servers; shared webhosting
> just doesn't cut it (and that's going to be especially true when I get
> access to the firehose -- soon, I hope).
> I've been frustrated over the past year.  Even though costs have come
> down, it's still been too expensive to run a server on my own.  I have
> a feeling a lot of us are in the same boat.
> Luckily, I met some people on Twitter who work for a company called
> GoGrid.  We discussed the low number of hosting sites for .NET devs
> and the high prices.  GoGrid made me a deal (and I apologize if this
> sounds like a sales pitch, but I hope you find the information
> useful).  The deal is, if I manage the orders from the .NET community,
> I can offer devs a deeply discounted rate on GoGrid servers.  So, I'm
> passing the information onto the .NET devs on the Twitter list.
> If you'd like to know more, read the post below.  You can contact me
> with any questions.

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