Hi Marcel,

I had once suggested this feature:

* add retweet_count to every status representation

My issue was by placing retweeted statuses once into the home
timeline, my app was no longer able to keep track of retweets over
time. I think even having the retweet_count still does not change
that. Isn't the issue here (at least that's how the home time line
works) that a retweet is just placed once into the timeline. So the
first time  a status is retweeted the retweet count would be 1. After
that, and assuming someone is using the user/home timeline the same
status would not be placed twice at the top level... so an app polling
for new tweets adn potentially tracking retweets would never get an
updated retweet count.

Only if you pull the info about that retweet directly you would get
that count. For many of us, this means wasting a request just for
checking the retweet count... we only have 150 per hour.

The only way I hopefully can keep track of retweets, count them, etc.
is by using the streaming API. I am still waiting for an twitter4j
update which hopefully let's me track retweets properly again.

If there is a better way to keep track of retweets of a status over
time, I'd love to hear it.


On Dec 18, 11:09 am, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> There are some loose ends that need to be tied up in both the List and
> Retweet APIs to round out the feature set and fix some bugs. I want to crank
> these all out. So here is a little list I've been building. Please add what
> I've left out and you think is missing.
> Retweet:
> * add retweet_count to every status representation
> * support paging through the resource that returns all retweets for a given
> tweet
> * don't require authentication for *most* read only resources
> List:
> * on a user representation, show list count, list memberships count and list
> subscriptions count
> * don't require authentication on read only resources
> * expose a list of ids for a list's members and subscribers (this change
> will go hand in hand with a new bulk user lookup resource where you provide
> a list of ids and get back a list of user representations)
> * count parameter for status timelines of a list appears to do nothing
> Many other things I'm sure...
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> Marcel Molina
> Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/noradio

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