OK, if there is room for change then I'd hope for a parameter like:


This would mean that whenever one of my friends retweets a status, I'd
still get a new entry into the home/user time line. It would stop me
from having to listen to the streaming methods to get all retweets
over time. Even better, the retweet_count would provide a lot more
sense to me then. I'd assume the retweet_count reflects all global
retweets of a status. This means my app would both be able to track
how many of my friends retweeted a status compared to all global
retweets (of people I am not or not yet following).

It's christmas, me can haz duplicate_retweets=true?


On Dec 18, 3:38 pm, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Or conceivably (though arguably janky) there could be an additional
> parameter you provide for the user timeline that opts you in to having
> retweets appear. e.g. ?include_retweets=true
> On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 3:08 PM, Cameron Kaiser <spec...@floodgap.com>wrote:
> > > It would be good to be able to get retweets in a user's timeline.  If
> > > that is not possible for backwards compatibility reasons, is it
> > > possible to have a function such as retweets_by_user which has similar
> > > semantics to retweets_by_me, except we can specify the user whose
> > > retweets are being retrieved (requiring appropriate authentication for
> > > protected users, of course)?
> > Or, simply a parameter to ask for them optionally? I don't mind this
> > method, but it requires two calls to assemble a user timeline.
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