I might look at swapping over to the reverse geocoder provided by
geoapi.com as an alternative to the google maps api which has a
tendency to give some weird results.

On Dec 24, 9:04 am, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> For the last few months, the Platform team has been really excited about all
> the possibilities that open up when geo is added throughout our APIs.
> Recently, we've launched support for geo tagging tweets 
> (http://bit.ly/4pFY77) as well as the imminent availability of a local trends
> API (http://bit.ly/12M84f). We're psyched about geo and today we have some
> big news.
> Twitter has acquired Mixer Labs, creators of GeoAPI (http://geoapi.com/). As
> Ev just said over on our main blog (http://bit.ly/88nZ6B), the team from
> Mixer Labs will be joining Twitter. We're currently looking at how to
> integrate the work Mixer Labs has done with the Twitter Platform to provide
> powerful new possibilities.
> We wanted to give everyone here a heads up on the good news. We look forward
> to supporting lots more geo functionality. Start your engines!
> --
> Marcel Molina
> Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/noradio

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