Recently my account also got un-whitelisted.
donno why, but I had requested whitelisting my account again, and the
Twitter team has done that quite quickly.
just for your information.


On 12月27日, 午後1:27, neal rauhauser <nrauhau...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   Has anyone else been suddenly dropped from the whitelist?
>    User ProgressivePST is mine - we're doing social media consulting for
> political campaigns. Our application does low frequency tweets scattered
> among many hashtags on behalf of a number of campaigns, ballot initiatives,
> and Progressive organizations.
>     I applied for whitelisting a while back and never got any confirmation
> but things worked very well for many weeks. We don't say a lot but we do hit
> the API a bit, since we search targeted hahstags to make sure we're not
> being repetitive before saying anything. Today we seem to be on API Santa's
> naughty list.
>    I'd really like to know how to A.) get on the white list B.) verify we're
> on the white list and C.) not ever get taken off, as we've got paying
> customers now. I would also very much like to know *exactly* what triggered
> this if it is indeed something we did rather than some minor glitch in the
> Twitter system itself.
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