Hey Ryan,

Thanks for writing this up.  Fantastic to have it summarized.
 Congratulations to the whole team on what you've managed to achieved so far
- truly mind blowing.  Looking forward to seeing what you bring in 2010.

My 2c on what you announced here:

1) It's become frustrating to have the code.google.com issue tracker service
only API issues.  There's no good way to track and get notification on
issues when they're not API related.  (And if they're lodged in the API
tracker, they get closed for not being API related).  I really hope the new
dev site you're putting together allows for both API and core twitter bugs
to be reported, and it emails updates when someone from twitter

2) Chirp - I really hope that you'll make videos of the content available on
the web.



On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Ryan Sarver <rsar...@twitter.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Now that the dust has settled a bit and we are in the midst of the holidays
> I wanted to email everyone and provide some more details on the
> announcements we made a few weeks ago at LeWeb.
> *50,000 apps*
> We are continually amazed by all the incredible work the ecosystem does as
> a whole and we proud that developers have created over 50,000 applications
> that allow people to experience Twitter in so many different ways. We are
> really looking forward to what 2010 has in store as we put more emphasis on
> supporting the ecosystem better and maturing as a platform. We are humbled
> by and appreciative all the hard work you do. Please continue to give us
> feedback -- both good and bad -- on how we can support you better in your
> efforts to build awesome apps.
> *Auth announcements*
> With the recent launches of Retweet, Lists and Geotagging we have seen
> applications struggle to provide the experience they want for their users
> within the 150 req/hr limit. We are excited to open the skies up a bit and
> provide some more room for developers to work within. Starting in a few
> weeks all OAuth requests to api.twitter.com/1/ will be able to take
> advantage of a 10x rate limit increase. Basic Whitelisting still exists and
> is unchanged. We look forward to what this means in terms of the increased
> richness around the user experience in Twitter apps.
> *Developer Site*
> From the beginning we have used a disparate set of tools to help support
> the community -- from the apiwiki, to code.google.com for issues to this
> mailing group. It was a great way to get started quickly with fairly robust
> tools, but we need a place for developers to start from and help them find
> the right answers to their questions and help them solve their problems. We
> have announced a new Developer Site that begins to consolidate these
> communications channels and tools into a single place while adding some new,
> exciting tools to help developers. There will be new reference
> documentation, search, API console, API status dashboard (external
> monitoring service) and clearer documentation of policies. We are investing
> heavily in this area and will continue to improve the tools and content for
> the ecosystem to make sure that you have everything you need to get started
> and for continued support. We are really interested in getting your feedback
> on what will create a great site, so please let us know your wishlist of
> things that will help you be a more informed and more efficient developer.
> *Chirp - Twitter Developer Conference*
> Personally one of the most exciting announcements is that we will be
> throwing the first official Twitter Developer Conference which we are
> calling Chirp. It will be a two day event focused on equipping developers
> with all the tools they need to go forth and build great things. Day One
> will be filled with speakers from Twitter and the ecosystem talking about a
> broad range of topics like our roadmap, the Streaming API, how to develop
> desktop applications, sentiment analysis, user research and more. At the end
> of Day One we will kick off a 24-hour hack event with lots of great
> announcements and surprises already lined up. We'll also be filling Day Two
> with some workshops on specific topics for developers who want to dive deep
> in certain areas. There are lots of great surprises in store for the event
> and we hope to see lots of you there.
> *Firehose for everyone*
> Finally, the announcement that has garnered the most coverage and
> excitement. As I stated in the session at LeWeb we are committed to
> providing a framework for any company big or small, rich or poor to do a
> deal with us to get access to the Firehose in the same way we did deals with
> Google and Microsoft. We want everyone to have the opportunity -- terms will
> vary based on a number of variables but we want a two-person startup in a
> garage to have the same opportunity to build great things with the full feed
> that someone with a billion dollar market cap does. There are still a lot of
> details to be fleshed out and communicated, but this a top priority for us
> and we look forward to what types of companies and products get built on top
> of this unique and rich stream.
> Sorry for the long-winded email, but there is lots of really exciting stuff
> for us to be talking about. As always, we are very interested in getting
> your feedback on the announcements and more generally on how we can continue
> to improve how we work together. As I said a few times in the session, our
> success is dependent on your success so please let us know what we can do to
> help make you successful.
> Happy holidays, Ryan

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