I've noticed a handful of Twitter Streaming API clients that are not
honoring the DNS Time To Live (TTL). If your client is currently
connected to, you certainly have an issue with
ignoring the TTL. If you have restarted your client in the last few
weeks, but are connected to another IP address, you may or may not
have this issue. Clients ignoring DNS TTL will be subject to
unpredictable outages as we shift load between clusters.

In any case, the prudent developer would test the client stack against
a test DNS record and validate that the TTL is honored correctly.

I added the following to the Wiki:

Test that your client process honors the DNS Time To live (TTL). Some
stacks will cache a resolved address for the duration of the process
and will not pick up DNS changes within the proscribed TTL. Such
aggressive caching will lead to service disruptions on your client as
Twitter shifts load between IP addresses.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

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