Lol you mean apart from how this url below looks like, smells like .......But aint :-)


>          http://twittе <http://twittе>                    <



I don't know about you Abraham as you are far more experienced than I am, but 
if I run a web based application that relied heavily on urls and people would 
love to hack/phish for any number of reasons this would be something worth 
talking about (eg my developers today have implemented a series counter 
measures against non-latin text).


But hey what do I know. I cant even code.







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What does this have to do with the Twitter API other then the general 
connection to the internet?

On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 23:53, Dean Collins <> wrote:

UPDATE - This is really really bad - check out the paypal phishing example on 
my blog already using Cyrillic characters


Please forward to everyone in a position to stop ICANN, i cant believe they 
didn't think of this in advance.





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