I have 2 issues with the current API regarding retweets:

1. After favoriting a retweet the original tweet gets favorited. Since
the original tweet gets favorited "row.retweeted_status.favorited"
should be returned as "True" for any timeline methods. Currently it is
returned as "False".

2. After retweeting a tweet any timeline methods should include some
value letting you know that the tweet has been retweeted so you can
"Undo" rather than "Retweet" which returns an error if you try to
retweet a tweet thats already been retweeted. Maybe something like
"row.retweeted_by_me" = "True/False"

Number 2 will probably require creating a new api method to undo the
retweet, maybe something like:
statuses/retweet_destroy (using the original tweet id)

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