I am looking for the same.
i guess there is some caching problem
After favoriting a retweet it is getting added to my fav list.
But the retweeted_status.favorited flag is not updated (even for
They are updated after some time. If i unfavorite again then it is updated
in my favorites list but not in statuses/retweeted_to_me.

For your second point
I am not seeing the retweeted status in my home_timeline for some reason.
Even If they appear i would just check for status[i].retweeted_status !=
null or if the current user matches status[i].user.screen_name

Also Isn't  Undo retweet equivalent to statuses/destroy where the id is your
status id i.e status[i].id?

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 5:42 AM, John <munz...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have 2 issues with the current API regarding retweets:
> 1. After favoriting a retweet the original tweet gets favorited. Since
> the original tweet gets favorited "row.retweeted_status.favorited"
> should be returned as "True" for any timeline methods. Currently it is
> returned as "False".
> 2. After retweeting a tweet any timeline methods should include some
> value letting you know that the tweet has been retweeted so you can
> "Undo" rather than "Retweet" which returns an error if you try to
> retweet a tweet thats already been retweeted. Maybe something like
> "row.retweeted_by_me" = "True/False"
> Number 2 will probably require creating a new api method to undo the
> retweet, maybe something like:
> statuses/retweet_destroy (using the original tweet id)

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