The "retweeted status" is only available if the tweet is a "retweet".
Thats why I was suggesting there be a variable like "retweeted_by_me"
in the original tweet to let you know you've retweeted it so you can

If this were to be implemented there needs to be a new method to Undo
the retweet which takes in the original tweet id. Since you don't have
the id of the retweet you cannot call statuses/destroy. If you call it
using the original id it results in an error since you don't own the

Right now retweets are a one-way action with the API. If you need to
unfavorite a retweet you must go to your favorites and unfavorite the
tweet and if you want to Undo a retweet you need to use statuses/
retweeted_by_me and destroy the retweet.

It seems like handles favoriting and retweeting well so
there seems to be some discrepancy between what uses and
the API.

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