I am using statuses/friends call to get the list of user's friend's
screen names. These screen names are stored by the system. I am
maintaining the last stored screen name, so that it can be used as
offset from which new screen names can be listed.For ex: today I
stored 250 screen names, after 10 days 50 more friends are added, by
using the offset I end up storing the newly added 50 screen names

The problem is that statuses/friends is returning the array in the
order in which they joined twitter , but not the order in which the
user is following them. As per the documentation it says ...
"Returns a user's friends, each with current status inline. They are
ordered by the order in which the user followed them, most recently
followed first, 100 at a time"
 But the results are different. Where as friends/ids call is returning
the list as mentioned in documentation. Well i can use this list and
get screen names for each id, but it is expensive as the system is a
mobile app and performance is critical.

Please let me know if this is a know issue or is there any thing more
i need to do to get the statuses/friends as mentioned in


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