PIN is required only once and you will get access tokens after submitting
the pin. You should register your app as desktop and use the right client
script for your app

On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 9:27 PM, Vikram <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am fairly a newbie to OAuth. Currently I am working on desktop
> client which uses the basic authentication.
> Would like to switch to OAuth.
> So I intially tried my hands with Abraham's PHP library. Apparently, I
> couldn't the callback to work. After googling and going through the
> latest OAuth changes I realized that I need to register my app as a
> Webapp for callbacks to work.
> Digging further I found that twitter actually validates the callback
> URL and as i don't have a public server I couldn't register myApp as a
> Web client because twitter says my callback URL is invalid(As
> Expected). So I am kind of struck.
> My actual idea was to save the access token and reuse it in future for
> authentication without having the user go through the entire process.
> But I found that the PIN is required everytime. So I thought of using
> of registering my app as web app and use PHP to work till getting the
> access token and then use the access token for further operations, but
> I couldn't get the callback to work because of the above mentioned
> issue.
> So I am wondering how to solve the problem? Please help me out,if
> there is no way to skip the PIN based workflow for desktop apps then I
> will have to continue with BASIC AUTH.
> But Twitter claims that it will soon drop support for BASIC AUTH and
> Please help me out. Thanks a Ton in advance.

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