I understood you since the beginning. It doesn't feel redundant to me,
I'm pretty sure that is intended functionality.

Even if they disappeared from "retweeted by others" there still needs
to be a way to know if you can undo regular tweets you've retweeted
since they don't include any "retweeted" information in the other
timeline methods (home_timeline etc).

On Jan 3, 11:40 am, srikanth reddy <srikanth.yara...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not sure i expressed it clearly. Pardon my lang
> <<"They will only disappear if your friends undo.">>
>  It is true that they will disappear if your friends undo. But my point is
> that they should also disappear(not instantly) from 'Retweets by Others'
> when you retweet them from 'Retweets by Others'  tab( coz it will be added
> to 'retweets by me' ) and keeping them in 'Retweets by Others' is just
> redundant. If you refresh your 'Retweets by Others' tab you will see the
> tweet as retweeted by you and your friend and you have the option of undoing
> it. But this undoing is possible only in web. From API point of view, if
> these statuses are removed from 'retweets by others'  the moment the user
> retweets them then undo is simple (just delete the status id obtained from
> the statuses/retweet response ). This type of undoing is done only
> instantly i.e u cannot undo if you refresh the tab.( retweeted_to_me' now
> does not include that status)
>  This is true for other timeline methods as well. But if keeping this
> redundant data is intended then twitter has to make changes to the payload
> (i.e add the retweeted_by_me flag)  and provide destroy/retweet methods as
> suggested by you). Hope i am clear now.
> On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 10:14 AM, John <munz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > They will always remain even if you undo. They will only disappear if
> > your friends undo.

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