Thanks Ryan. That's a welcome relief

I am building a OAuth Library for Twitter in C++, It looks like that
the OAuth_signature requires the oauth_token.(Ref:
See table 6-1).What does this token mean? How do I get this?

On Jan 3, 8:39 pm, ryan alford <> wrote:
> In the Desktop workflow, you don't have to enter the PIN every time.  The
> user is NOT required to authorize your application every time they want to
> use it.    After the first authorization, YOU store the access token and
> access token secret either in a database, file, or some other type of
> storage mechanism.  You use those stored values until they expire(which
> could be never).
> Ryan
> On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 9:44 AM, Vikram <> wrote:
> > @Duane Roelands I am working on desktop app,but the fact that I need a
> > PIN for trading my request tokens for OAuth Access tokens made me look
> > at PHP route. My idea was to use PHP get the access tokens and then
> > use them in my desktop app. The rationale behind this was that I
> > didn't want user to be entering PIN every time. With PHP I could use
> > the callback URL for automatically getting the access tokens.
> > @srikanth reddy Srikanth how can I make the PIN entering a one time
> > process. If I save the access tokens will I be able to use them in the
> > next instance of my App??

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