Does anybody has any ways to solve it??
Is it problem from Twitter API itself??
Thanks before.

On Dec 30 2009, 10:25 pm, dimas <> wrote:
> My application authenticating user via web login, then save the needed
> credential and running API call in background task using cron.
> Sometimes the requests return a401unauthenticated error, and
> sometimes
> they don't> I readed on this 
> issue:
> and the last post says:
> "This was the result of an issue with an experimental service we were
> testing. The bug should be resolved."
> Is it the issue of experimental service testing??
> I'm not saving the log, but the error is around the "verify
> credentials" on
> the background task. And "get access token" on web login when
> redirecting
> back to my application.

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