Hello everyone!

I sure hope you can help. I am developing a web based app that
searches for location based tweets using the search API with json
results. I provide the longitude latitude via my own local database on
my server. Presently I'm limited to just the US and Canada but I'm
thinking I might be able to pull long/lat data dynamically from sites
like hostip.info or even maybe the yahooapi?

As you can imagine I am salivating in anticipation of the
trends.location api because parsing the text from the individual
tweets is a pain in the behind :)

But back on point... I'm using the search api exclusively because
that's the only way I know of to get localized tweets. I read the
streaming/firehose search api docs but it doesn't seem to support
geocode parameters. So my first question is, am I correct in assuming
that presently the only way to get location based tweets is using the
geocode parameter on the search api?

Secondly, I'm in a bit of a unique situation from what I can see form
other apps in that it's a bit tough to run a cron because there are
over 200,000 longitude/latitude sets in my database and that's just
the US and Canada!

So how could I possibly cache the data so that when a user queries
some random city so they can see local tweets for that city it's
available without doing an api call every time a user types in a city?
Because if my site gets popular that could become a problem very

If I can think it I usually can code it but being new to using
twitter's API and limits I'm a bit stuck.

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